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M-Josh Takes Protest Music To A New Level With Krime Scene


New Afrobeat sensation M-Josh took resistance music to a new level with his Nigerian independence day release, a socio-politically conscious afrobeat track he titles Krime Scene.

In his usual manner, he utilized that analogous rawness of Fela’s Afrobeat in a digitally rendered 21st-century music while pinpointing several anomalies and catastrophic events orchestrated by the ineptitude of the government in power.

While most of his contemporaries prefer to identify only with the glamor associated with Fela’s Afrobeat, M-Josh is very much aware of the struggle and chooses to address the constant brutality by the army, the too many killings of citizens by the police, corruption and hijack of public funds by our politicians among other vices. 

The aggression, the audacity, and of course his artistic charisma has gained him attention from international media like the voice of America, BBC, and others. This also explains the pace at which his loyal fan base is increasing, the streams on YouTube, Spotify, spike in search engine queries, social commentaries, etc 



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