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    Album: IPTW (Bunna) – Genesis


    Fast-rising United States-based Nigerian gangster rapper IPTW (Bunna) proves a point as he unveils a 10track album titled Genesis.

    Album: IPTW (Bunna) – Genesis

    US based hip-hop artist IPTW (Bunna) has finally coupled his long awaited album project Genesis. The journey started with the release of series of singles featuring female rapper ZY and MTN Project fame finalist Leo Saint.

    The 10track LP also features other acts like Wiffer, Jo’Em, and Moquel and was produced entirely by Yamazanda.

    IPTW (Bunna) goes hardcore most times with a finite Afro fused in by the featured artists.

    The album talks about love, hate, gangster life, and survival in the street.


    When Am Gone (feat Leo Saint & ZY)

    Song For Mom (feat ZY)

    Cougar Girl (feat Leo Saint)

    Bili Kam Bili (feat ZY & Leo Saint)

    Good Thing

    Ife Ora (feat Wiffer & Jo’Em)

    Make It Rain

    Stay With Me (feat Moquel)

    The Way I Am (feat Leo Saint)

    Afufu (feat Wiffer)